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Our publications grow from direct work with children, young people and families. Our services have created a range of tools that really work in practice. Browse our films, CD-ROMs, books and resource packs for use in practice and staff/service development.

Through no fault of their own, many children cannot remain with their birth families. These children are already vulnerable and work with them must overcome the disadvantages they face, not add to it.

Our publications on protections cover sexual exploitation, child protections, safe play, bullying, domestic violence and general child safety.

Barnardo’s is committed to evidenced based services for children, young people and families. These publications support practitioners and policy makers in using,, applying and carrying out research themselves.

Barnardo's is committed to promoting the emotional, physical and mental health of children, young people and their families affected by disability or illness. These titles explore the issues for parents, children, young people and families, particularly around inclusion.

Barnardo's helps all kinds of families to cope with a wide range of issues including poverty, abuse and homelessness. We work with them to create a setting where children are nurtured and valued, so that they can experience a sense of belonging and stability.

Children and young people need opportunities to participate actively in their communities, to prepare them for citizenship and responsible adulthood. We have developed a number of resources that help professionals facilitate genuine participation.

A missed education for any child means missed opportunities in later life. Barnardo’s believes that every child has the right to full opportunities to learn, leading to improved life chances and better prospects.

All children and young people need a sense of connection with the world around them, living in communities that safeguard and promote their social and physical well-being. Our work includes supporting vulnerable young people so they are not disadvantaged by poverty or exclusion.