Community and tackling exclusion and poverty

Counting the cost of child poverty

Using balance sheets and graphs, Counting the cost of child poverty calculates the human, social and economic costs of poverty. It also shows how a failure to invest in our children not only deprives them of their own childhood, but also increases the risk that they will become parents who cannot give what is needed to the next generation.

Mike Hughes, Anna Downie, Neera Sharma 2000

ISBN: 0 902046 66 7

Ref: CC399


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Wish you were here. Child Poverty and exclusion in the summer holidays

Based on interviews with Family from three rural communities in South West England, this report describes the stresses placed on parents in poverty as they struggle to provide positive experiences for their children in the long summer holidays as well as the exclusion experienced by the children.

Owen Gill and Tracey Wellington 2003

ISBN 0 902046 94 2

Ref: CC434


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Promoting social inclusion: A practice manual for community workers

Provides practical guidance on how to plan, carry out and evaluate a community development intervention to tackle disadvantage. Based on the findings of Barnardo's five-year anti-poverty strategy that was launched in 1995, Promoting social exclusion provides a range of tools for thinking about, implementing and evaluating the community development approach.


ISBN: 0 902046 74 8

Ref: CC420


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What works in community development with children?

Actively involving children with community projects, and enabling them to speak for themselves, raises practical and ethical issues. This review considers the different forms of community development involving children and young people including safety, health, promoting Education and preparing for citizenship. Provides advice about conducting research and evaluation and draws conclusions about what helps and hinders community development.

Gary Craig 2000

ISBN: 0 902046 64 0 CC396

Ref: CC396


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