Protection from abuse and harm

Bwise2 Sexual Exploitation

This preventative education programme, developed in PRUs, residential units and schools, addresses sexual exploitation with honesty and realism. The material is all based on real-life experiences of young people supported by a specialist Barnardo’s service.
The six activity-based sessions, relevant at key stages 3 and 4 of the PSHE curriculum, are fully resourced with handouts, activity sheets and posters; thorough facilitators’ notes, drawn from extensive piloting of the programme, give full instructions and practical tips.
Designed for use by residential social workers, teachers, school counsellors and other professionals experienced in delivering sex and relationship education to young people.
Includes a CD-ROM of the session resources for printing or projecting.
Suggested age group: 12-17 years.

2007, 132 pages (wiro bound, colour illutsrated) plus posters and CD-ROM

ISBN 978-1-904659-09-9

Ref: CC475


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Offside Workbook with DVD

Educates young people about appropriate teenage relationships and challenges adversarial sexual beliefs that can be associated with harmful sexual behaviour. A 15 minute film drama depicts positive and negative examples of young people’s behaviour in pursuit of relationships. The effects of sexual abuse and the consequences of this for all involved are highlighted. The accompanying workbook contains individual and group exercises that explore healthy relationships, consent, discrimination and sexuality.

Ref: TS004


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Your Choice VIDEO

Film and workbook that provide materialsand exercises suitable for professionals to use with boys of 12+, individually and in groups, where there are concerns about their sexually harmful behaviours. SEE FULL DESCRIPTION ABOVE

Ref: TS001


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What works for children and young people with harmful sexual behaviours?

This title reviews interventions and strategies for working with children and young people who display sexually harmful behaviour. It examines research and effective interventions with adolescents who have sexually abused and pre-adolescent children with sexual behaviour problems. The need for supportive and empathic interventions which are developmentally sensitive is highlighted.
SEE ALSO - 'Your choice', a film resource for working with boys who exhibit sexually harmful behaviours.

Simon Hackett 2004


Ref: CC442


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